Raiders of Arcana - The Game


Raiders of Arcana, is a series of tabletop rules based in the fantasy world of Arcana.

What makes it different?

The world of Arcana has suffered a catastrophic disaster, as pieces from an exploding near planet have smashed their planet to near destruction, destroying all the civilisations. But life survives and rises like a phoenix from the ashes, the remnants of past cultures are remembered and grow again, however they are no longer a single race centred culture as before, now they are multi-raced cultures.

In “Raiders” it’s the culture that determines the style and fighting abilities of your warband or army not the race, meaning within a single warband/army you can choose to have units of elves, humans, dwarves and orcs all fighting together, though your choice may be to field only units from one race if you wish. Many of the planned warbands are loosely based on historical periods or cultures, allowing figures from many existing manufacturers to be used, with fantasy elements being based on the mythologies of that culture.

These rules are designed for warbands of 21 to 100+ figures each in small units playing for between 60-90minutes. Gameplay is based on a simultaneous ‘action and reaction’ based system, meaning no waiting for your turn. We want Raiders of Arcana to be fun to play with a strong emphasis on skill and strategy combined with the fate of a dice role.

Raiders of Arcana will also include rules for ongoing campaigns, where your warband can be developed and expanded on your success in previous battles.

As we develop these rules we hope to expand on them, adding other cultures and to further develop large scale games.

The Rules

We have divided the rules section of the website into separate pages, which we will add FAQ to as we get feedback in from people playing. If you have any questions, please contact us at


PDF versions of the rulebook, along with army lists and tokens can be downloaded below.