The World of Arcana

World of Arcana

History of Arcana

All the peoples of Arcana, wherever they lived, had various names for and theories about the planets visible in the sky, most creatures simply grew accustomed to them being there. However when one of the three started to grow bright the peoples noticed, slowly it became as bright as the sun, the great orb of light remained visible in both day and night. The weather patterns of the planet become increasingly turbulent as the surface temperatures grew hotter, in the frozen wastes of the two poles the rising temperature had dire consequences as these huge ice formations retreated and the sea level rose.

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Magic in Arcana

All creatures of Arcana absorb traces of magical energy, it permeates the very atmosphere and created the very diverse life-forms that live on the planet. From the beginning of time there had been those who could use this energy, to tap in to its potential and use this energy to heal or destroy, to create powerful illusions and move matter.

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